Letter Regarding Holiday Procedures for Families


It is very important that you notify your campus nurse in any instance of a positive case or an exposure in your home. Please, email the nurse( listed below) if your child or a family member living in your home is pursuing or awaiting results of a COVID test, has a positive COVID test requiring a 10 day quarantine or has had a close contact COVID exposure that will require a 14 day quarantine. There is no reason to delay pursuing testing if you have a COVID concern or illness. Should you need assistance due to a unique situation please refer to the call schedule below and email the nurse assigned for the day.
AHISD nurses are assigned to a particular day of the week to ensure that employees get the support they need while also getting the much needed rest themselves that we all look forward to during the break.
Monday 11/23/20 Cindy Godinez (AHJS assistant nurse), cgodinez@ahisd.net  

Tuesday 11/24/20 Erin Harris, (AHHS nurse) eharris@ahisd.net  

Wednesday 11/25/20 Whitney Jones (CE nurse), wjones@ahisd.net  

Thursday 11/26/20 Kathi Martinez, kmartinez@ahisd.net
  Friday 11/27/2020 Lisa Padilla (AHISD auxiliary nurse), lpadilla@ahisd.net   

Saturday 11/28/20 Deanna Magee (WE nurse), dmagee@ahisd.net 

Sunday 11/29/20 Eleanor “Dardie” Pringle (AHJS nurse), epringle@ahisd.net 


November 16, 2020

Dear AHISD Parents,

As we approach the holiday break, as part of our AHISD Culture of Care, we do ask for your
diligence in making conscientious decisions around health and safety measures to help
mitigate the spread of COVID19 in our community including avoiding large gatherings or
gathering together with people who are not in your immediate household. As we all know, the
virus can be passed to someone who may be more vulnerable which is why safety and health
precautions (including accurate testing) are so important. Below is important information for
you and your family’s health regarding any COVID illness or concerns during the Thanksgiving

What should I do if anyone in my house experiences COVID symptoms or exposure over break?

If your children or anyone in your home experience one of the following symptoms:
● Cough, OR
● Fever (measured temperature greater than or equal to 100.0 degrees Fahrenheit), OR
● Shortness of breath/ difficulty breathing


If you or anyone in your home experience 2 or more of the following symptoms:
● Feeling feverish (without a measured temperature greater than or equal to 100.0)
● Congestion / runny nose
● Loss of taste or smell
● Headache
● Chills / Shaking or exaggerated shivering
● Sore throat
● Significant muscle pain / aches/ weakness
● Diarrhea / nausea
● Fatigue / exaggerated unexpected tiredness

You will need to immediately isolate the affected individual and quarantine anyone living in
the home. Any combination of the above symptoms will need to be cleared to return to school,
even if those symptoms occur and then are resolved while we are on break.

How will I know when my child is cleared to return to school?

● Schedule a PCR test. It is easy, painless (oral swab) and free. Call 311 or go online to
and schedule a free test PCR through the San Antonio Metro Health department
(SAMHD). Please know a rapid antigen test on it's own is not acceptable for clearance to
return to school.


● See your primary doctor and get a written, alternative diagnosis. In addition, some
physicians may decide to perform a rapid antigen test based upon your symptoms. The
result of this
, coupled with a written alternative diagnosis is acceptable for clearance.

NOTE: There are two types of COVID19 tests: a PCR test (which is the standard test required
to return to school without an alternative diagnosis) and a rapid antigen test (which alone, is
not enough to be cleared to return.)

Many adult urgent care facilities may perform a rapid antigen test, but they will not provide an alternative diagnosis that is required for clearance to return to school. We are aware that Little Spurs Pediatric Urgent Care and many local pediatricians will provide an alternative diagnosis and rapid antigen testing for children (based upon your child’s symptoms).

While you are waiting for the test results, please remain quarantined, rest, drink plenty of
fluids and consider over the counter medications after consultation with your physician to
alleviate the symptoms.

A positive test means the individual has COVID-19 and needs to meet the following return to school criteria:

1. Quarantine for 10 days AND
2. Be fever free, without the use of fever reducing medications for 24 hours AND
3. Have improving symptoms

It is not necessary to get a follow up test or a negative test to return to school if the individual has met these criteria after having tested positive for COVID-19.

If you discover that you or someone in your home has had a close contact exposure to a
COVID-positive individual
, you need to immediately isolate the affected individual. If your
child is the exposed individual and has no symptoms, they will still need to quarantine for 14
days before they can return to school. Testing will not shorten the 14 day quarantine period
because one can develop symptoms between day 2-14.

A negative test for someone who had symptoms and took a PRC test means the individual does not have COVID and can end quarantine, although to return to school the individual does need to be fever free for 24 hours without fever reducing medications and improving symptoms.

Lastly, but equally as important , your campus nurse needs to know this information about
your child. Please, email your campus nurse if your child or a family member living in your home is pursuing or awaiting results of a COVID test, has a positive COVID test that will require a 10 day quarantine or has had close contact COVID exposure that will require a 14 day quarantine. Your campus nurse will be checking email over the Thanksgiving Break and will respond in 72 hours.

Please follow the instructions listed above, there is no reason to delay pursuing testing if you have a COVID concern or illness.

Best of health and happiness this Thanksgiving,

Kathi Martinez RN
AHISD Health Services Coordinator

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