Contract for Bus Service

If you are bus-eligible but are able to transport your children to school yourself, we ask that you consider not signing up for bus service so that we can maintain seating distances and minimal bus trips.

Before filling out the AHISD bus contract, please note the following Bus Expectations:

  1. I will be SAFE by staying seated and facing forward at all times. 
  2. I will show SELF-CONTROL by keeping all parts of my body and my possessions to myself and inside the bus at all times. As well as keeping my noise level down. 
  3. I will be RESPECTFUL and KIND by not swearing, using rude language or being mean to anyone at any time. 
  4. I will be RESPONSIBLE by not eating or drinking on the bus and by throwing away any trash in the trashcan. 
  5. I will LISTEN and FOLLOW the directions of my bus driver who is trying to keep me safe. 

Students and Parents should also view our video of how to apply the bus rules - 

Get Real on the bus - Elementary

Get real on the bus - Secondary

Please note:

  • To qualify for our free bus service, you must reside 2 miles or further from your child's campus. This is measured from the driveway of your home to the nearest driveway of the school campus, per state regulations. For the AH Junior School, Transportation measures from two addresses: 7607 N. New Braunfels, and 1616 Nacogdoches. 

  • The rules on the bus are for everyone's safety. Please make sure your children know the rules and the possible dangerous consequences of not following the rules. Since it is a privilege, not a right, to ride the bus, students that do not comply with the rules will face disciplinary actions from an assigned seat at the front of the bus, up to termination of bus services. 

  • A bus contract must be filled out online in order for your child to ride the bus. Please allow a minimum of three to five days for processing. 

  • You should have your child outside at your assigned bus stop, ready to board the bus, at least 5 minutes prior to your scheduled stop time. If you are unsure of your stop time please see our Bus Routes page.

  • Parents of Howard students should be outside at the curb with your child 5 minutes prior to your pick up time. Parents should also be outside at the curb for afternoon drop off 5 minutes prior to your drop off time. It's imperative that we take this 1st year to work together to teach our children the safety procedures of loading/unloading the bus and crossing the street!

  • Parents of Special Needs students should have your children outside at the curb 5 minutes prior to your pick up time. Parents should also be outside at the curb for afternoon drop off 5 minutes prior to your drop off time. 

  • For the safety of all the children and because of limited space on our buses, we are no longer allowing children to ride other buses home with friends.  

  • Please be advised that for safety measures, there are cameras on all of the buses and the children are being video and audio recorded.
  • All students riding the late bus must be staying after to participate in academic and extra curricular activities. Students not participating in school sponsored activities will not be allowed to stay after and ride the bus.

  • School buses are rated by manufacturers to have a capacity based on three riders per seat (about 72 students per bus). AHISD has continuously endeavored to keep ridership at 48 students per bus at all levels. While this is our goal, there may be times when ridership exceeds this number. However, ridership will never be allowed to exceed the manufacturer's rated maximum carrying capacity.

By clicking on yes, you are agreeing that you accept the rules and regulations, have read them completely, and agree that you are the legal guardian of the student on the registration form.



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